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With Diwali just around the bend, many of us are getting ourselves ready to buy a new automobile. For many, this might be their first car. And being the largest automobile manufacturing company in India, with over a 40% stake in the domestic passenger car market, Maruti Suzuki often becomes the choice of the first time car buyer. And though the Swift is not exactly the least expensive car that the company makes, it is one of the best selling. So it’s implied that for the new facelift Maruti Suzuki Swift, the queue of buyers will stretch for miles.

As the above image shows, Maruti Suzuki has dealership demo cars for the new Swift facelift ready and waiting at its stockyard. This, of course, means that the launch is imminently close. Maruti Suzuki is aware that a launch of such a consequential product at such a significant time will help boost its sales, so we all can expect the launch to happen at any time. As we have mentioned in one of our earlier articles, this car will not be seeing any mechanical changes and will arrive with the same petrol and diesel engines which will be engaged to the same 5-speed manual gearbox. The K-series petrol unit makes 86 horses and 114 Nm of torque, whilst the oil-burner produces 75 horses and 190 Nm of torque.

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However, Maruti Suzuki has bestowed the facelift Swift with some canny armour to help it battle with the best of hatchbacks out there. These include several changes made on the exterior and interior of this car. The exterior changes include the fitment of snappy LED daytime-running lights inset into the front bumper, newer design of alloy wheels and reverse-parking sonars on the top-spec models. Interior changes include the addition of keyless entry with a push-button start feature and a one-touch operation power-window for the driver.

swift facelift

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