Maruti Suzuki Revamps its True Value Used Car Business, Calls it Version 2.0 – All the details

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Maruti Suzuki, recognizing the phase shift that the used car market is undergoing in India, today announced a massive overhaul of its True Value used car business. The company aims to make make pre-owned cars more attractive while making the process of buying a used car more transparent and hassle free for its customers. The company is calling the revamp of its True Value used car business as True Value version 2.0.

As a part of the transformation, the company will set up a network of independent True Value outlets across the country. There will be as many as 150 new True Value outlets across India by 2018, according to an official statement issue by Maruti Suzuki today. The new outlets will have a larger display area for a variety of pre-owned cars of Maruti Suzuki. These outlets will also be digitally integrated through a portal so that customers can access details of all the cars available at True Value outlets nation-wide. This will help customers to make their choice online and visit the relevant True Value outlet for a test drive.

Pre-owned Maruti Suzuki cars at True Value outlets will be selected based on a strict selection and inspection criteria covering 376 check points. The selected cars will then be fully refurbished and offered to customers with warranty of up to one year and free services. Post refurbishment, the cars are inspected and rated on six parameters – engine, suspension, brakes, electrical, transmission & steering control and exteriors & interiors.

The highlights of Maruti Suzuki Truve Value 2.0, as stated by Maruti Suzuki are provided below

Advanced infrastructure 

–              Brand new stand-alone outlets

–              A wide display area for variety of cars

Seamless digital experience

–              Customers can select cars online and visit the respective True Value outlet for test drive and completing the transaction

–              All details of the car (specifications, features, star ratings and other details) will be available online

Improved transparency

–              Pre-owned cars will be checked on 376 parameters before sale

–              Star ratings for cars (1 to 5 Star) to empower customers to make an informed choice

Customer focus

–              Trust, reliability, transparency and warmth

–              Hassle-free documentation

–              Standardized and seamless digital and retail customer experience

–              Certified cars will have a warranty period and free after sales service like new cars

True Value ‘certified’ cars

–              Maruti Suzuki car not driven for more than 1 lakh km and less than 7 years old

–              Not more than two ownerships

–              Vehicle not used for commercial purposes

No retrofitted CNG or LPG kits

Managing Director and CEO Kenichi Ayukawa said: “We want to offer buyers of pre-owned cars the same experience as buyers of new cars. A network of spacious new outlets, using digital technology for customer convenience, will be a highlight of True Value. Our focus will be on quality cars, refurbished and certified with the assurance of warranty. A star-rating for each car will help the True Value customers to make a right choice”.

Maruti Suzuki True Value Version 2.0 (5)
Maruti Suzuki True Value Version 2.0 (4)
Maruti Suzuki True Value Version 2.0 (3)
Maruti Suzuki True Value Version 2.0 (2)
Maruti Suzuki True Value Version 2.0 (1)

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