Maruti Suzuki Omni; Electrified? Doesn’t Seem Like a Bad Idea!


Maruti Suzuki Omni, need we say more? After years of eating away with the largest chunk of the market share in its segment, people are still in love with this people carrier and they are definitely not wrong. The Maruti Suzuki Omni carries a long legacy, one that is simply reiterated by Indians across the length and breadth of the country. We won’t believe you if you say you haven’t been in an Omni as a schoolkid back in the day.

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The Omni is extraordinarily popular in India, especially in the commercial taxi segment. And even today after 3 decades of service and after quite a lot of time after its discontinuation, Maruti Suzuki Omni is as omnipresent as ever.

Maruti Suzuki electric omni render

Now that we are stepping into a green future, where things will be electric, it remains to be seen if the Omni makes its comeback. But, in the electric age, could it come back looking like this render, could it bring back years of memories with a macho cool design?

Honesty, no one knows that. Only a few Maruti Suzuki guys maybe, so unless you are related to them, it’s tough to figure out whether or not the Omni will be back again. But, its fandom still lives and grows every day. And one such fan, Mr Shashank Shekhar, an automobile design student, came up with this absolutely stunning render of an electric Omni.

Maruti Suzuki electric omni render 2

Upfront, it looks bold, it looks business, but it still looks an Omni. It gets LED headlamps and LED DRLs that flank the sides of the bumper below the headlights and as always, a grille is missing. The DRLs couple up as turn indicators as well. From the sides, one look and you would instantly make out that this is a tad bit longer than the usual, featuring a set of alloy wheels which blend in neat. The rear uses quite a lot of black and the taillights are located a bit lower than what you would expect them to be.

Maruti Suzuki electric omni render 3

It features those iconic sliding doors and the boxy design overall seems quite classy. The Omni during its time was an established people mover, one that was reliable, easy to maintain and got you big on the resale. A no-nonsense, all business, simple yet extraordinarily practical, efficient and usable, Maruti Omni was nothing short of a legend. The real MPV indeed.


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