Maruti Suzuki introduces the Wagon R Duo

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Honourable Prime Minister’s meeting with TV editors yesterday made it sufficiently evident that this is a government with no will. So all those of you who had the slightest hopes that there is a limit to how high the fuel prices may surge may now officially bid adieu to any hope you had, and say hi to perennial disappointment. The government is ‘dead serious’ about addressing the inflation and corruption issues, says the PM. But don’t we know that already, sir? With the kind of insensitivity this government has displayed towards a variety of issues, it couldn’t be anything but dead. And we haven’t really seen the dead smiling, ever. Now since they have admitted they’re dead, I wish someone could write the obituary of this shameless, incapable pack of robbers who collectively call themselves the government. It’s just like calling a slaughterhouse a research center for advanced surgery.

Thankfully, even with all that shit happening around, you can drive to keep yourself sane. You can drive a petrol powered car if you own something which resembles Antilia. If you don’t however, you can still opt for cars powered by a cheaper variety of fuel, called LPG.

Maruti Suzuki just got a bit more philanthropic with their latest introduction – the Wagon R Duo which runs on both petrol and LPG. Not that the Wagon R Duo is an entirely new concept. The previous generation Wagon R too was available with the Duo variant, but the new version, introduced last year didn’t offer the option.

The new generation Sequential Injection Kit on the Wagon R Duo enhances performance and reduces jerks. The car comes equipped with two ECUs, one each for petrol and LPG fuel modes. The two ECUs don’t work in isolation, but communicate with each other for optimum performance.

Maruti Suzuki have tweaked the suspension of the Wagon R Duo to manage the additional weight of the LPG kit. With a claimed fuel efficiency of 14.4 kmpl, and a capacity of 22.5kmpl, the Wagon R Duo would offer you a max range in the region of 800-900km. The car comes with a special design tank and unique stepney placement to release some space in the boot.

Watch this space for price and official press release. Click on the images below to read about the features of the Wagon R Duo in detail

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