Maruti Suzuki financial report for third quarter 2009-10!

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Bajaj Auto has been an active contender in the Indian two-wheeler industry since a very long time. Since the times of its legendary Chetaks, Bajaj Auto has been showing its technological prowess through various advanced technological inventions. ExhausTEC is one amongst the various inventions that enhances the performance and efficiency of today’s Bajaj vehicles.

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Bajaj was recently granted patent rights for its “ExhausTEC” technology in Europe after a series of stringent examinations. The priority for this European Patent is derived from the corresponding Indian patent application dated August 6, 2004 and is valid till August 5, 2024.

The “ExhausTEC” technology plays a very significant role in enhancing the low range / mid range torque in a single cylinder four stroke engine, which is the most widely used in the Indian two-wheeler scenario. A superior blend of fuel efficiency and performance is the offering of the “DTSi – ExhausTEC” combination, found on most of the latest Bajaj bikes. Earlier in March 2009, Bajaj Auto was granted the “ExhausTEC” patent in India by The Indian Patent Office.

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