Maruti Suzuki e-SURVIVOR Concept Previews The Car Maker’s Vision For Mobility In India


At the 2018 Auto Expo, Maruti Suzuki showcased their futuristic e-SURVIVOR concept – an EV design concept and a working model of the next-generation Suzuki Hybrid System. The e-SURVIVOR pays tribute to Suzuki’s proud 4WD heritage and aims to take the excitement of driving off the road to the next level.


The e-SURVIVOR also depicts the new and exciting face F.A.C.E (Four wheel Drive Autonomous and Connected) of Suzuki’s intent for future mobility. The modern, minimalist styling has been infused with a futuristic flavour of Suzuki’s 4WD DNA, although, it is still based on a rugged, ladder frame architecture.


It gets four electric motors in each of its wheels which control momentum individually. it allows for on-the-spot turning and has been equipped with autonomous driving tech, with the option to pick between full manual at any time. Maruti calls it a fine blend of analogue and digital, co-existing happily in the future. The e-SURVIVOR features a futuristic display to relay all driving-related information and comes fitted with a spherical monitor on which the vehicle’s status and road conditions can be checked at a glance.


The concept has been equipped with a navigation system and a wide monitor which plays feed and information from vehicle cameras. Smartphone and certain other devices can be connected to the vehicle to display information related to the weather, topography, nearby vehicles and more.


On the road towards full electrification, Maruti Suzuki will work on an array of xEV technologies which accelerate the electrification of transportation in India. The Suzuki hybrid system displayed at the Expo is an integral part of that vision

Maruti Suzuki e-SURVIVOR Concept (12)
Maruti Suzuki e-SURVIVOR Concept (6)
Maruti Suzuki e-SURVIVOR Concept (3)

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