Manual Transmission Fan, Tattoos a 5-Speed Pattern on his Back!

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American’s are stupid and lazy as we know of them. Dealing with falling economy, rising debts, obesity and divorces  can be really stressful. So , stressful in fact, that driving a car wherein, some human effort is needed to push the clutch pedal with your calf muscles and then using your forearm to direct the stick into the right gear can be excruciating, bone- wrecking and in some cases can also cause emotional breakdown. Therefore, the United States of America is facing something known as ‘Death of Manual Transmission.’

But like there are exceptions to every man- made prejudices, a guy in U.S who loves his manual transmission and cannot bear to see the sad demise of gear sticks, has got himself inked with a 5-Speed pattern to preserve the era of manual shifts, on his back. It’s wonderful to see the kind of love this bloke has for the gear stick, especially in a country, where people use their cars as as an appliance.

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