Manesar Plant Unrest: Maruti Suzuki Swift bookings suspended!

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The refurbished Maruti Suzuki Swift was launched on the 17th of August. The car proved to be on a path of success with a skyrocketing demand which blasted its way up to the 90,000 mark. However, there has been a road block to this immense success in the form of the Manesar plant unrest. After a dozen workers were sacked, the production of the plant based in the outskirts of Delhi was abruptly stopped for the second time in two months.

According to various reports, the company has managed to manufacture not more than 1000 units in the past 1 week. In order to meet the present demand, the company was supposed to manufacture about 8400 units of the Maruti Suzuki Swift. As a result of this, the bookings of the car will be backed by a very long waiting period. Owing to this, the dealers have suspended the bookings for the new Swift till the strike is called off and production continues. At present, the car comes along with a waiting period of as long as 8 months.

“Despite the intense curiosity for the new Swift and the car surpassing consumer expectations, we cannot take any more bookings. Deliveries in the current bank of bookings will go on till next April and even beyond,” said a Maruti Dealer from Delhi.

“There could be issues with the dealers as the current crisis has resulted in uncertainty. We normally give an anticipated delivery period to customers but as we are facing issues at the Manesar plant over production of the new Swift, dealers must have decided to stop taking fresh requests,” said Mayank Pareek, managing executive officer (marketing & sales).

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