Man wins a Mini Cooper car on getting his manhood tattooed

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No we are not kidding. This German guy with the name Andreas Muller, aged 39 from Sachsen Anhalt won a brand new Mini Cooper car for pulling the big daddy of all the crazy stunts to get the car. The contest was run by a radio station which dared the contestants to do a crazy stunt to win the car. Our man left every other contestant behind by agreeing to let the brand name tattooed on the thing above his family jewels.

Sure, the bounty didn’t come easy, as Mr. Muller was heard shrieking in pain as he got his dignity inked. But all that pain doesn’t matter for the $32,000 reward he has got. “Once I’m sitting in the car, it won’t matter anymore. Then the pain will be gone and it’ll be alright”, he asserts.

We won’t be able to show you the pictures (yes, they are available) here, for obvious reasons. However, a little search on the Internet will get you the visuals in no time (If you are really interested that is).

We extend our hearty congratulations to Mr. Muller on having won the car. However, we still thing that those four letters are the worst thing one can have imprinted on his tool, if we take the literal meaning into account that is. All the best for the rest your love life, Mr. Muller!

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