Man Finds Seven Bundles of Cash Hidden in his Recently Purchased Used Car


Admit it folks, you all wish to find a hidden treasure somewhere which can fulfill all your dreams of owning the favorite sportscar and buying that countryside vacation home with all the money you found. Leave a treasure aside, I feel a bit happy when I find some small currency bills in some hidden pockets of my denims.


Well, this American had recently purchased a used Jeep. One fine day, the power window stopped working so he took the matter into his own hands and decided to take off the door panel to see what the problem is. Little he knew what was in store for him. Behind that thin door panel was a hidden treasure, worth some thousands of US Dollars. He found seven bundles of green notes inside a black plastic bag in the door, blocking the window.


Now, instead of jumping in joy with the wads of cash in his hand, this person clicks photos instead. As you can see, the pictures show there were seven bundles of cash, hidden in the door.

Have you had any such experience where you found some hidden treasure ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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