Mahindra to take its Gusto customers on a scenic ride in Gurgaon on 26th December


Mahindra Gusto scooter motion (2)

Mahindra will get together their customers in Delhi NCR on their respective Gusto for a long drive to explore the scenic roads of the capital apart from other scheduled activities. This drive on the Mahindra Gusto has a set of ingredients that include good food, high amount of participants, lots of games, and last but not the least, the city of Delhi.

The families will get to ride their Gusto to Sarjivan Resort in Gurgaon on the 26th of December. The initiative brings together passionate communities and allows them to explore the scenic route on the way to their destination on the fleet of Gusto.

The idea of this edition of the “Go Gusto Ride” is to enable the Gusto owners to set out on a long ride on their Mahindra scooters. Long rides are usually associated only with motorcycles but the Mahindra Gusto promises an equally exciting ride.

This time it is the Gusto owners, who get to experience the joy of setting out on their scooters along with their family. The families which have been chosen have already begun their preparation and hope to enjoy the day cruising along the roads with their Gusto.

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