Mahindra signs agreement with Sea6 Energy to market Crop-Nutrition product, ‘Jingo’

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The Crop Care division of Mahindra Agri Business, today signed an exclusive product licence agreement with Sea6 Energy Pvt. Ltd. to market and distribute its crop yield enhancement product, ’Jingo.’

As per an exclusive agreement with Sea6, Mahindra will market Jingo across the country through the distribution network of its Crop Care business which has a network of over 1800 dealers across 19 states. The agreement is for an initial period of 9 years.

Jingo has been developed by Sea6, a Bangalore-based start-up founded in 2010 by several alumni of IITMadras, and is currently being incubated by the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms.

‘Jingo’ is a technologically advanced crop yield enhancement product which aims to help farmers boost agricultural productivity in a completely safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

R-L - Vikram Puri, Vice President, Mahindra Agri Business and Shrikumar Suryanarayan, Chairman Sea6 Energy with the Crop-Nutrition product Jingo

R-L – Vikram Puri, Vice President, Mahindra Agri Business and Shrikumar Suryanarayan, Chairman, Sea6, Energy with the Crop Nutrition product ‘Jingo’.

‘Jingo’ helps the plant to proliferate its root system and increase the crop’s leaf index area which will enhance its photosynthetic activity. This will improve the yield and quality of produce while making crops more resilient to environmental stresses. Moreover, ‘Jingo’ uses ‘Nutricycling Technology’ which makes it a 100 per cent sustainable and natural product that preserves soil quality and is completely safe for the user and consumer of produce.

‘Jingo’ will initially be made available to Indian farmers in 1 litre and 500 ml packaging and can be administered to crops in a number of ways such as through a foliar spray, fertigation / drip systems or through soil, and seed and root application. The general dose per acre is 750 ml.

Speaking on the exclusive agreement, Vikram Puri, Vice President, Mahindra Agri Business said, “We are delighted to partner with Sea6 Energy to market ‘Jingo’ across the country. At Mahindra, we have always pioneered products which aim to boost farm productivity and ‘Jingo’, using cutting-edge technology, has demonstrably improved agricultural output in a safe and sustainable manner. We believe ‘Jingo’ has a vital role to play as we constantly strive to enhance rural prosperity.” 

Field trials of ‘Jingo’ have shown encouraging results when used on crops like paddy, wheat, soybean, potato and sugarcane as well as all vegetable and horticultural crops like grapes, banana, mango and citrus fruit. Further, ‘Jingo’ has also demonstrably improved the productivity and quality of plantation crops such as coffee, tea, pepper and cardamom.

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