Mahindra Mojo Spied Yet Again: This Time With a Redesigned Tank


Mahindra Mojo 300 with new redesigned tank

The once highly anticipated Mahindra Mojo has been spied yet again! This time with a significant change, clearly noticeable even under the camouflage, made to its tank. The new tank looks bigger and taller as compared to the design of the fuel carrying unit on the concept. While the original tank’s upper surface was more or less in line with the seat of the concept bike, Mahindra Two wheelers seem to have redesigned the tank unit to store more fuel, and look bigger and more muscular for the production version.

Other important observations about the test mule are listed below:

Mahindra Mojo 300 with new redesigned tank (1)

  • There’s a unified step seat with a two tone finish – black and grey. Don’t expect the pillion to be too comfortable on the Mojo’s seat.
  • A long, flowing and slim tail with blinkers on the extreme aft end, just before the reflector unit
  • A unique, down-swept (towards the front) design for the grab rails
  • 10 spoke light weight alloy wheels
  • The exhaust shape is rather ungainly and it looks quite unfinished. Look at the welding marks on expansion chamber part of the exhaust under the engine.
  • We expect these rough edges to be smoothened out to a large extent on the production version though
  • Ventilated rear disc brakes, but not petal-type
  • Gold colored swingarm remains unchanged
  • The rear mono-shock is rather oddly mounted on the upper part of the swing-arm, which itself is rather oddly shaped
  • Tyre hugger seems be a standard fitment as it’s consistently been a part of the test mules.
  • Position of the gear shifter lever and front brakes wouldn’t be too sporty. The pegs wouldn’t be too rear-set.
  • The easy riding position for the Mojo is further substantiated with the position of the handlebars, which is not very low-set.
  • The bikes features normal handlebars, and not clip-ons
  • We aren’t quite fond of the big plasticky scoop-like thingummy flanking the liquid cooled engine. Is that an air scoop? Is that just an ugly design element? Is it a tool box? Or just a socket for you to shove in the cleaning cloth?
  • Notice the mango shaped rear view mirrors; they have not changed ever since the concept made its debut. Will they have mounted blinkers as on the concept? It’s not clear from these images
  • That expansion chamber, apart from looking extremely rusted and ill finished, is also looking very oddly shaped. We just hope with that kind of finish and shape it ends up being functional by improving the power output of the bike to some extent.
  • The Mojo 300, according to the official specs will be powered by a 292cc liquid cooled mill with 25bhp and 25Nm of peak torque. Transmission duties will be taken care of by a 6-speed box
  • Look at those inverted, upside down forks – the Mojo will be the second mainstream bike after the KTM 390 Duke to sport those fancy bits.
  • The bike comes shod with Pirelli Sport Demon rubber. Grip and poise shouldn’t be a problem if the basic chassis-suspension setup is good enough.


Spy Images: BikeAdvice

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  • Reneav Jeyakumar says:

    LoL. I was expecting their 125cc bike.. which looked like the fz.. had an awesome power figures..

  • Rakesh Gowda says:

    Guess Mahindra want this bike to be a hit just like the Centuro, so may be that's the reason they are testing this extensively. . .

    PS: Seriously it's a bit too much of testing, hope they should have a final product ready by now, if it doesn't make it to the Auto Expo this year, it's of no use, better they keep it in their plant permanently. . .

  • Abi Reddy says:

    let mahindra release both the models one with flat tank ,and one more is with bigger one ………

  • Reeto says:

    Mahindra should work on the power output figures, considering this bike doesn’t appear to be light in terms of weight. Mahindra should promote this bike as a sports tourer, an optional windshield will be useful for touring.

  • Sagar Goudra says:

    This Motorcycle would feel at home on Mars!