Mahindra First Choice offers Monsoon Proof package for Rs 149

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Mahindra First Choice, one of India’s leading multi car brand service chain has announced a very lucrative Monsoon offer for its customers. Christened the Monsoon Proof package, the offer includes a range of services to make your car Monsoon ready at an affordable price. Priced at Rs. 149 the package claims to make its customers cars ‘ready for the travel hazards they could face during the monsoons’. In addition to this, customers also take home an attractive umbrella absolutely free. Monsoon Proof package will offer the following services to its customers

  • Headlight focusing and beam adjustment
  • Wiper blade adjustment and replacement
  • Wheel alignment
  • Anti-rust treatment for all steel accessories
  • Air filter check and cleaning
  • Complete shampoo wash
  • Sprinkle test for the car to detect water leakage in the cabin
  • Battery check and jelly application
  • Self starter and other electrical check
  • Mud flap check and alignment

The Monsoon Proof package is available in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi.  First Choice is not just meant for Mahindra vehicles, it’s a multi brand service station so you can take a car of any brand and avail this offer. Sounds like quite an incredible offer. We urge our readers to have a look at the offer in the real life and let us know if there is a catch.

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