Mad Max Fury Road trailer is an automotive slugfest

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mad max fury road

The second trailer for the post-apocalyptic thriller Mad Max: Fury Road has just dropped, and it is every bit as spectacular as you’d expect from George Miller, the grand daddy of smashing up junkyard cars.

The premise is the same as the old trilogy that served as the template for dystopian road movies since its debut. In the near future, mankind has presumably failed to develop an alternative to conventional fuels, and a nuclear war has all but left the world impoverished and barren. In this bleak future, only thugs and biker gangs rule the roost, thanks in no measure to their superior modding skills. Taking beat-up jalopies and outfitting them with turbos and superchargers, these gangs run amok on the deserted landscape, pillaging loot and fuel from wherever they can. And yeah, they outfit their all terrain oddballs with a variety of weapons, ranging from the normal guns and bazookas to the most outlandish ones that only a movie studio can dream up of. Spikes, chains, flamethrowers, cutlasses, flares, everything is fair game.

mad max fury road 2

Now, obviously, a lot of this is going to be CGI. We can’t just expect the Perrier-sipping superstars and their stunt doubles to pull of most of these feats off in real life. Unless you’re Christoper Nolan. But George Miller, being George Miller, has gone to lengths to ensure that the reboot features some special metal, just like the original.

The big-block V8s are still raising hell, and sepia-painted SUVs and trucks are still going to battle one another for supremacy. We hope the original star of the movie, the Ford Interceptor, makes a comeback, but the trailer is too dusty to say anything specific.

Starring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, an unrecognizable Nicholas Hoult, and a bevy of supermodels led by Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Mad Max: Fury Road opens in theaters worldwide on May 15, 2015. Don’t miss it!

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