Lohia Auto unveils Narain and Narain LC battery-powered electric rickshaws


Narain Loader

Lohia Auto Industries has launched a new series of battery run electric rickshaws (E-Rickshaws) by the name of Narain. The Narain E-Rickshaws are improved and customized vehicles designed for Indian roads and commuting habits. To begin with, 2 models of e-Rickshaw; Narain and Narain LC (passenger and cargo respectively) have been launched. More products under the Narain series are scheduled to be launched later this year.

Powered by 1,950 watt motor and equipped with higher battery capacity, the products are eco-friendly e-rickshaws for both passengers and cargo respectively. A bigger wheel base with spokes reportedly provides highest ground clearance. Another USP is that this e-rickshaw works on a Motor with chain drive Mechanism. The technology is conventionally used in motorcycles, to ensure durability, long battery and motor life. The models can accommodate four passengers at a time and are completely built in India. These rickshaws are said to be low-maintenance, easy to operate and cost much less than the traditional auto-rickshaws and battery-pulled three-wheelers.

Narain passenger

Commenting on the launch of Narain Series Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto Industries said that Narain is a unique product designed by Indians for India with many additional features to offer a great product. They already have 2 models of e-rickshaw by the name of Humrahi. With the addition of Narain in their portfolio, they now have a wide range of electric vehicles to offer.

With Narain e-Rikshaw, our mission is to bring electric vehicle revolution to every nook and corner of the country. Hence we are also working on to increase our dealer network. Narain is coming with 2 year warranty to ensure a secure ownership and livehood. Lohia Auto has also become the only company to offer 2 years warranty on electric rickshaws.” he further added.

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