LML to launch CRD Super Deluxe and Super Plus, change logo

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Quite a bit of buzz has been surrounding the LML brand in the past few days. The company is planning to go all out once again to regain some of its lost glory to start with. LML still has a very strong and positive impression in the minds of the Indian customers, especially the middle aged group who once flaunted their LML scooters as a more ‘premium’ and technologically advanced machine to their counterparts riding Bajaj scooters.

The company as a part of its re-launch exercise is planning a brand identity makeover. LML will sport a new logo which has been designed to highlight the company’ corporate identity via a strong graphic representation.
The company believes that there was a need to adapt to the changing times and the changing consumer needs, and the new brand identity would try to reassert that LML has always stood for innovation. Visual identity, according to the company is an important tool of communication and has to remain relevant with the times.

While we don’t have the access to the company’s new logo, according to Abhishek Dube, general manager, marketing, LML Ltd, “The new corporate identity of LML is modern, dynamic, youthful and vibrant. Above all, it symbolises innovation – the fuel that powers LML. It reflects the breaking of boundaries to surge ahead as a symbol of world-class product quality and service excellence in the minds of discerning youth.”

In a revelation of sorts, against th4e wide speculation which suggested the launch of the Freedom motorcycles, Mr Dube indicated that the company would first roll out its CRD brand of commuter bikes. The company will use the new logo on the new models rolling out, including the CRD Super Deluxe and the CRD Super Plus.

The CRD100 was probably the last two-wheeler product to roll out from the LML factory in India. We loved the motorcycle for its incredible acceleration and top speed even with a puny 100cc engine.

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