Limited Edition Ritz Elate Launched

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The Ritz Elate has been launched rather silently by Maruti-Suzuki. It is a Limited Edition offering by Maruti-Suzuki to get the arclights back on the hatchback.

Maruti-Suzuki Ritz Elate Limited Edition

The main feature of the Ritz Elate is a new body kit. Accompanying it on the exteriors are a spate of garishly-coloured graphics. The door panel of the Ritz Elate sports a logo that reads “Elate”. 

In addition to the external changes, the Ritz Elate sports other feature additions like :

  • 2-DIN Music System with speakers
  • Orange coloured seat covers
  • Assistive reverse parking sensor
  • Bluetooth kit
  • Black door visors
  • New, stylish floor mats
  • New ambient lighting system
  • Ergonomic neck cushioning
  • Durable mud flaps ( Yes, the monsoons have arrived! )
  • New steering wheel cover

Interestingly, one of the additions is a multi-purpose bag. We don’t exactly know where and why is Maruti-Suzuki providing this bag. It could be a spacious, duffel bag lined with Ritz Elate Limited Edition stickers. One can use it as a gym bag, or to pack those goodies from the supermarket.

Other than the above-mentioned changes, the Maruti-Suzuki Ritz Elate remains virtually unchanged. The Limited Edition appears to be a short-term effort to boost sales of the Ritz hatchback. The Ritz is placed in the same segment as that of the top-seller Swift. While the Swift registers huge sales every month, the Ritz in comprison appears paltry. Ironically, the Ritz is priced lower than the Swift.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the price of the Ritz Elate Limited Edition. It will, obviously, come with a premium over its head. Some dealers are quoting a price increase of about INR 20,000, while some are quoting that it might even go up to INR 30,000/-. The Ritz Elate will, however, not come with any mechanical changes. It will continue with the options of a 1.2 Liter K-Series VVT engine and another 1.3 Liter DDis engine.

The regular model of the Ritz is being sold with attractive discount offers. It includes a direct cash benefit of INR 30,000/- , and an exchange bonus of INR 35,000/-.

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  • TJ says:

    does it make any sense of paying extra amount when all such things are easily available in market at lower cost ???

  • SNT says:

    “Durable mud flaps”

    so Maruti acknowledges that its usual mud-flaps will break off after a few months….. and these will probably last till the next monsoon ??