Li-ions Elektrik Launches A New High-Speed Electric Scooter

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Last week, Li-ions Elektrik Solutions announced the launch of its high-speed electric 2-wheeler, called the SPOCK. This all-electric scooter is specially designed to provide an efficient and eco-friendly transport solution for first-and-last-mile logistics. The one of a kind electric scooter was conceived after extensive research in the EV department, which is equipped to specifically deliver green mobility solutions. The prices for the Spock electric scooter start from INR 65,000 and go up to INR 99,000 (on-road, India). Deliveries of the Spock electric scooter will commence by the end of July 2019.

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The Spock is a small two-wheeler, which is fitted with the latest generation of Lithium-Ion batteries, gets a GPS and USB charging for mobile devices. Mechanically, the scooter is powered by a 2.9 kWh lithium-ion swappable battery paired with a BLDC Hub motor that produces a peak power output of 2.1 kW, continuous power of 1.2 kW and about 230 Nm of maximum torque. The vehicle gets a top speed of 45kmph and promises a range of about 50-130 km per charge, thanks to its 72V 40AH Lithium battery. In economy mode, the Spock will cover over 130 kms of range on a single charge, while on power mode, it will offer just about 100 kms of range on a fully-charged battery.

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The electric scooter offers a comfortable seating and driving position with better ergonomics. The 12-inch wheels with tubeless tyres also add to the comfort and smooth performance of the 2-wheeler. The battery of the Spock scooter can reach 100% in just under 3 hours, for a total of 1200 charging cycles. The other features also include a factory fitted rear cargo box with thermal insulation, hydraulic suspensions, motorcycle-like handlebars and integrated turn indicators in the tail lamp. The Spock scooter also comes with an option of detachable batteries that can either be swapped or charged at a near-by desktop station.

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Speaking on the launch, Capt. Gurvinder Singh, Director, Li-ions Elektrik Solutions Pvt Ltd., said, “Green mobility solutions is the need of the hour. We, at Li-ions Elektrik, are at the forefront of driving electric innovations that will impact environmental and economic sustainability in our communities and nation. With the introduction of these new Electric 2-Wheelers, we aim to empower and encourage people towards an environment-friendly country. The design of our 2-wheeler has been done at the local level which has been 100% made under the “Make in India” umbrella and is fully indigenous. Any product can only succeed based on the demand it generates in the market, here too, it is a matter of pride for the company to have its orders pre-booked full before the grand launch.”

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