Letv to build exotic electric car in partnership with Aston Martin

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Letv Electric car


China based electronic major Letv announced its plans to build an exotic electric car back in December 2014. The first model from the company, a sketch of which has been released looks like a high performance sports car and is expected to hit production as early as April 2016. The new car, if a few media reports are to be believed will be built in cooperation with Aston Martin and BAIC Motor Corporation. The car will make its show debut at Auto China 2016 – the biggest auto show in China, to be held from April 21 to 29th 2016. The new project is called the Super Electric Eco-system.

According to Chinese media, the first model will be 3.465m x1.625m x 1.530m in terms of length, width and height. The wheelbase of the car will stand at 2.345m long. There will be variants of the model on offer a high performance version, along with a low performance alternative.

The vehicle will be equipped with Letv’s intelligent internet-based LeUI system with a 9in touch screen, and can interact with Letv’s other smart terminals. For example, Letv’s smart phones can control the vehicle and the vehicle can have a seamless interaction with Letv’s other eco-products.

According to Mr. Jia Yueting, Letv’s founder, “the SEE Project will duplicate Letv’s complete vertically-integrated ecosystem and redefine the automobiles industry. We try to make the best internet and smart electric vehicles and build an internet-based vehicle eco-system,” said Jia’s microblog.

Headquartered in Beijing, Letc is an 11 years old company that has grown into a full-fledged multinational with a wide range of products including smart phones, smart TVs, smart electric vehicles, movies and TV shows and sports events.

It is China’s first company to pioneer   the concept of “ecosystem” products. Letv has China’s largest content library, including movies, TV dramas, entertainment shows, concerts, and sports games, which could be viewed on Letv’s terminals, like phones, TVs and electric vehicles, and these terminals could be interacted through Letv’s eco-network.

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