Latest message from Rossi – “I am recovering well”

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Ever since the Doctor hit the bed after his injury, MotoGP hasn’t been as much fun as it used to be for us. We really miss the Italian wizard, and feel sad about the fact that every passing week is pushing him father from the championship contention this year. However, there is good news. The Champion racer, in a message to his fans has recently said that he is recovering from his injury ‘better than he expected’. That sure sounds like music to all of us Rossi devotees, doesn’t it? Here’s the full message he has sent for his fans.

“Three weeks have passed since the accident and two since I was discharged from hospital, and I am very happy about how my recuperation is progressing. I am feeling a lot better and I’m starting to live a semi-normal life again, although for a completely ‘normal’ life I will have to wait until I’m back on my bike! I am walking with crutches and since a few days I’ve been able to put my foot to the floor. Honestly, I didn’t expect to feel this good just a few weeks after the incident, and I mean both physically and in my ‘spirit.’
“The rehabilitation is continuing as usual, both sitting in the hyperbaric chamber and with some exercises in the gym. Unfortunately my shoulder is still giving me some pain but I am working on the muscles to reduce the pain a bit. If the rehabilitation proceeds without trouble and if everything continues in this way, then my objective is to return at the Czech Grand Prix in Brno.
“I have started to leave the house and my good friends haven’t left me on my own for even a minute, although I’m not used to spending so much time in Tavullia! I miss my bike, my team and the paddock a lot and this ‘new’ sensation is pushing me to get better as quickly as possible.
“I’ll speak to you, but more importantly see you, soon.
Ciao, Valentino Rossi.”

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