Lamborghini’s First All-Electric Car To Be Launched In 2027

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Lamborghini is at the pinnacle of sportscars. The brand has played a dominating role in this segment and has been appreciated by enthusiasts and the general public alike. Statistics suggest that the brand is having an amazing year, with demands increasing every month. As of today, the waiting period for Lamborghinis has gone as high as one year. Lamborghini Urus, the brand’s sports SUV is crowned as the highest-selling model. But what about the future? The entire automobile industry is pacing towards electrification. While many of the rival brands have launched all-electric models, Lamborghini has lagged in that front.

Key details revealed during the interview

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Lamborghini Chairman and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann gave out some key details regarding the company’s plans for the future. These statements reveal that the supercar manufacturer is on the fast lane towards electrification.

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His statements make it very clear that the first all-electric Lamborghini will be launched by the year 2027-28 and till then the company will hybridize its present-day models. He also added a thing or two about synthetic fuels, which makes us think that the brand shall not give up on ICE engines anytime soon.

Official Statement

Stephan Winkelmann spoke to Yahoo Finance, “The first thing (first all-electric model) would be in the second part of this decade. So, we think about ’27, ’28. And before that, we will hybridized all the line-up we are having today.” He added, “And on the other hand, we hope that there will be an opportunity for synthetic fuel– which is then CO2 neutral– to be as big enough, or distributed enough in a high quantity, that we have a capillarity, which we can also then fuel our super sports cars. So, this is an opportunity we want to live open.”

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Lamborghini Urus

What to expect?

The brand has been looking into different designs for its models. And the electric line-up by Lamborghini could get some daily driving vehicles as well. It is said that the first electric model could be a 2+2-seater making it more daily use appropriate. Coming to Plug-in hybrid models, the brand could start pouring them into the market from as early as 2024.

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