LaFerrari makes way to India for a special appearance at 2015 Parx Super Car Show

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The ultimate car from Ferrari’s stable till date, the LaFerrari, was spotted on the roads of India’s financial capital, Mumbai. The latest hybrid offering from the Maranello based supercar maker is the replacement for the legendary Ferrari Enzo. The car is even unique and exclusive because Ferrari will make only 499 examples of the LaFerrari.

The luxury supercar maker will only sell this hybrid supercar to people who have a history of owning a Ferrari. A research done by Oracle Finance reveals that buyers were willing to pay £1million (approximately Rs 10.28 crore) over £1.2million (approximately 12.34 crore) price tag, just to secure this latest Ferrari.


The LaFerrari gets a 6.3-litre V12 powermill that standalone produces 800 PS of power. The performance is further boosted by the HY-KERS (hybrid) electric motor that produces additional 163 PS of power. This gives the LaFerrari a total power output of 963 PS. The combined torque figure from both the motors stands 900 Nm. Naught to 100 kph is gained in less than three seconds while the 300 kph mark comes up in about 15 seconds.


The hybrid supercar has come to India for a limited period of time courtesy Chairman and MD of Raymond Group and an automobile enthusiast Gautam Singhania. You can catch a glimpse of this car in flesh at the 2015 Parx Super Car Show which is expected to be scheduled on January 10 and 11, 2015. The car will then be shipped back to his London residence.

Here is the video that records the LaFerrari on the streets of Mumbai. Do share your thoughts and opinions with us through comments below.

Image Source: Supercars Sightings in Mumbai

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