KTM 350 coming to India!!

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Here’s some big news for all those who’ve been cribbing about the lack of a 400cc bike in India. Some time ago, it was made official that KTM will launch a 350cc bike in India and soon. This is not all that we are hearing. Our sources say that the the KTM’s 350cc bike will be made along with the 200 and 125 in India. This also means that India will be an export hub for this KTM bike. The KTM 350 will cost anything between 3.35-3.75 lakhs. Safely expect a mono at the rear and inverted telescopic shocks at front along with a single cylinder liquid cooled 40 bhp motor that will be mated to a 6 speed gearbox. Not much is known about this bike at the moment but we will be updating our readers as more details emerge. Stay tuned folks.   

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