All that we know about the new Hero Karizma R 2013 and Karizma ZMR 2013

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Last night, we posted images and details of both the new Hero Karizma R 2013 and the Karizma ZMR 2013. Now, we have compiled all the data and have come up with a small report on the two new bikes to let you know what the two new Karizmas would be like.

The new Hero Karizma R 2013

So far, we have seen just one image of the new Hero Karizma R 2013. However, this single image (seen below) is sufficient to reveal that the new ZMA-R wouldn’t be all that different from the Karizma R that is currently on sale in India.

new hero karizma r 2013 pics 6 (3)

The new Hero Karizma R 2013 would come with the same twin projector headlamp setup that the new Karizma ZMR 2013 sports (flip to next page to read about the new ZMR facelift). Definitely a good thing, considering that Bajaj Pulsar 220, which has always been ZMA’s biggest foe, has won a lot of appreciation for its really efficient projector headlamps. From what we can make out from this single image here, the new ZMA-R’s fairing would be be a “quarter-variant” of the new ZMR’s fairing. This means that the fairing would house the rather over-sized set of trafficators and the bike will also have fairing mounted ORVMs. The fairing also gets new “R Premium Sports” decals.

Also, this pic reveals that the new Karizma R will share the rakish tail end with the 2013 ZMR. Also, the new ZMA would finally come with split seats and twin grab-rails. The Yamaha R15 V2.0 like rear registration plate bracket too will be shared with the new ZMR.

A look at the engine bay, and you will be quick to understand that the bike won’t be powered by a fuel injected engine (what else is the fuel-knob doing over there?). Also, the engine of the updated ZMA seems to be the same old unit and we feel that it would come with only marginally more power. Clearly an opportunity lost here, no?

The suspension and wheels too have been carried over from the earlier model. Ditto for the fuel tank, disc brakes and the foot-peg positioning. However, the fact that the new ZMA-R comes with a new engine cowl, and much more importantly, an O-Ring chain and clip-ons is pretty laudable.

Going by the fact that the bike is mechanically similar to the earlier model, we feel that the price will be carried over from the earlier model.

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The New Hero Karizma ZMR 2013

We have come across more than half a dozen news pics of the ZMR 2013 and here, you will find all the details and pics of the updated bike.

new hero karizma zmr 2013 pics 6 (6)

As can be seen in the images above, the new Hero Karizma ZMR 2013 boasts of a twin projector headlamp setup. The quarter version of this fairing will be found on the ZMA-R.

new hero karizma zmr 2013 pics 6 (3) new hero karizma zmr 2013 pics 6 (7)

The front fairing also houses somewhat large trafficators. The front mudguard seems to have been carried over from the earlier bike.

new hero karizma zmr 2013 pics 6 (5)

The new ZMR sports a somewhat rakish tail end, which will be shared with the ZMA-R. Also, the ZMR gets split seats and new grab-rails too. The bike will come with a new rear registration plate bracket, which reminds us of that on the R15 V2.0.

new hero karizma zmr 2013 pics 6 (4)

The ZMR will continue to sport the same instrument console that is found in the pre-facelift ZMR. This speedo console seems to have been inspired from that of the Honda VFR and looks pretty cool.


Hero Motocorp has said that the new ZMR 2013 would get a more powerful engine that would be the first mass-production motor from the recently formed technical partnership with Erik Buell Racing (EBR).

Talking about the engine, Mr. Munjal has said, “There is a lot of innovation happening in our own R&D and we will bring it to the market through some of the products we will launch. We have applied for patents for those innovations. This is showcasing our capability. We will be launching the new Karizma variants which are redesigned and the engine made more powerful with our partner EBR. This is the first commercial production model in which they have played a big part in development.

Visually, the new ZMR is almost completely different than the current model and a more powerful motor would mean that the bike would make life tougher for Pulsar 200NS and the likes.

However, the suspension and wheels have been carried over from the last gen model and this means that the Hero flagship would remain deprived of a rear monoshock for at least sometime to come.

It would be interesting to see if these updates would be sufficient to propel the ZMR to the top of its segment.

Stay tuned to Motoroids for more dope on the new 2013 Hero Karizma ZMR.

Pics: XBHP

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  • aijaz says:

    It looks like an unfunny joke. Why don’t they ever chang the fuel tank design. The fueltank is so small. And dual shock, seriously, dual shock. Not good hero not good. Hero if you want to be more than an ” uncle ji” bike this is not the way to go.

  • rawal says:

    really disappointing…Karisma R is the best model ever…cant compare with karisma R…

  • Don’t you guys have better designer ?? this new Karizma R looks funny
    and I think ‘Hero honda Down’ design is much better than this shit ..!!
    you should hire new Designer with new thinking if you really wanna survive in RACE.

  • Rakesh Babu says:

    new design of zmr is so disappointing

  • Rakesh Babu says:

    what the hell are they doing.bad redesign