Kia Teases Its First Dedicated EV, The EV6

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Kia Corporation has revealed the first official images of the EV6  – its first dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) built on the company’s new EV platform (Electric-Global Modular Platform, or E-GMP) today. As part of the company’s brand transition, Kia’s new dedicated battery electric vehicles will be named according to a new naming strategy. The new approach is aimed at simplifying the nomenclature across all markets.

More details

All of Kia’s new dedicated BEVs will start with the prefix ‘EV’ which will make it easy for buyers to understand which of Kia’s products are fully electric. This is followed by a number that corresponds to the car’s position in the line-up, which, in this case, is 6 meaning it sits relatively higher in the hierarchy. Kia has planned to launch multiple EVs before 2027 and the EV6 will commence the proceedings of the same and the nomenclature hence makes perfect sense.

Kia EV6 teaser front 3 quarters

The Kia CV will be based on Hyundai Motor Group’s Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) which will also undermine Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 and the Genesis GV60 (codename). Take a quick glance at the teaser and you’d realise that the upcoming Kia EV6 draws some of its design inspiration from the Imagine concept which was showcased during the Geneva Motor Show back in 2019. Although, Kia has made it clear that the EV6 will retain some signature Kia elements like the tiger grille, which according to the company, form a part of their heritage.

Kia EV6 teaser side look

The EV6 will be equipped with HDA2 ( Highway Driving Assist Level 2 ) which will add a layer of autonomous tech to the car. What’s more? From 2023 and onwards, all EVs from Kia will be equipped with HDP (Highway Driving Pilot) which is kind of a level 3 grade for autonomous driving. Furthermore, the Kia EV6 will run around 500 km on a single charge and can be charged in around 20 mins should it be connected to the right kind of charger. Kia for sure is betting big on its EVs.

Kia's imagine concept

Official statement

“EV6 is the embodiment of both our brand purpose, ‘Movement that inspires’, and our new design philosophy. It has been designed to inspire every journey by offering an instinctive and natural experience that improves the daily lives of our customers, and provide user ownership that is simple, intuitive and integrated,” said Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design Center. “Our aim is to design the physical experience of our brand and to create bold, original and inventive electric vehicles.”

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