Kerala Cop Thinks That Helmet Mounted Action Camera Is An Illegal Modification

Kerala Cop Thinks That Helmet Mounted Action Camera Is An Illegal Modification - Details, video footage and precautions to use action camera.

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Here’s an incident that’ll leave you stunned by the lack of awareness of the law enforcement officials. A motorcyclist from Kerela, Muhammad Ismail, was stopped by a cop for a regular check. Although, on discovering the helmet mounted camera, the senior police officer asked the rider to take off the helmet. After “analyzing” the helmet and the action camera, the cop reportedly told the rider that it’s illegal to record videos while riding and that he will fine the motorcyclist for “illegal alteration” to the motorcycle. The entire conversation was recorded on the helmet mounted camera and posted on Facebook.

Here’s the video:

After much argument, Ismail was charged for not having rear view mirrors on his motorcycle. It seems that the cops could not find any particular Section under the Traffic Rules And Guidelines to charge the rider for using an action camera. So what do you do in such a situation? Well, unless you’re recording videos of areas of tactical importance or sensitive information, it is completely legal to use action camera on a vehicle on public roads. An on-board camera can help you capture important evidence in case of crash and help you claim insurance. Apart from that, any illegal activities, if caught on the camera, can serve as evidence for authorities to analyze.

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  • Raj kumar says:

    Cops only think that mototor cycle riders are criminals i had an incident on my rc 390 after collj i was going home the road soeed limit was 30 i was going on 25 suddenly auto guy with no signal just u turned it was a heart breaking moment this beast has abs and stopped at the pin point moment….. what cops and public think “this guy buy a sports bike and ride fast and hit auto” this shit happens not only me to all the riders so be care full on roads ……. better to wear a cam