Kawasaki to use USB stick to store service history

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Kawasaki Goes Digital With Service History

The world is going digital and Japanese two-wheeler major Kawasaki is in no mood to stay behind. If reports from automotive website Visordown are to be believed, Kawasaki will offer a free USB stick from next month onward which will be used to save the vehicle’s complete service history. Named as the ‘History Key’, the USB stick will replace the written service book and will also let customers add notes.

Kawasaki Versys 1000 - 4

Speaking about going digital with service records, Kawasaki’s Mark Spiller said, “The basic idea came about as a result of one of our regular dealer seminars. It was suggested that something like a USB stick could be a great way for both the dealer and customer to build up a digital history and have all the important information for a given machine in the same place.”

What do you think of this new feature provided by Kawasaki to its future owners? Share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comments section below.

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  • Ezhilan says:

    Actually this concept may work in other countries. but not in INDIA. Here the service centers are that much great. whenever we pickup the bike from service station, we have to look around the bike for any torn stickers. service stations in INDIA hire small children at the age of 15yrs or even low. those kids just tear the stickers apart and keep those with them.. this may show their love and longing for such kind of bikes. but, it puts us in a hard path to get the original sticker. so stick with the traditional way which is always the best way. instead of doing these unwanted stuffs, reduce the price tag.