Kari Motor Speedway Gets A New Layout And Fresh Tarmac

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One of the three major racing circuits in India, the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore has made the most of its idle time since racing activity took a pause due to the pandemic. The next time you’re there, you will be greeted by a new layout which has added some new twists and turns.

Kari Motor Speedway New Layout (4)

With this change, fresh new tarmac is also being laid and although we cannot confirm through the pictures, it appears that the narrow track might also be wider than earlier. The new coat was a much-needed maintenance job the circuit required as the old surface had deteriorated quite a lot. So much so, some racers would mark a dent or a fault line in the surface as a reference point. The curbs were in a dismal state too and we hope they get a makeover as well.

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In terms of layout, starting from the start/finish line, where it was a straight line earlier before the right-hander dropped into the bowl, a new left turn followed by an immediate right has been added. The bowl, which used to be a downhill section to be tackled before one climbed uphill to come out of it, remains. Although we aren’t sure if the new tarmac will make it flat or the elevation will stay.

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Where one had to stay on the right to negotiate the chicane after climbing out of the bowl and straight-lining everything in between, it’s the opposite now. Racers will now attempt to carve the straightest possible line through a fast right, then left section which then continues straight with a slight kink towards another immediate left and right-hander. The last sector of the track gets a major change.

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Earlier, one used to turn right into a parabola and then left towards the start/finish straight. That last turn now curves in the opposite direction before connecting with the extended main straight with a left-hander. Even without these changes though, the Kari Speedway was still one of the most scenic racetracks and that fact remains.

Images Courtesy: Sukesh Ashok Kumar On Facebook

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