JvB-moto presents yard built ‘infrared’ Yamaha VMAX to celebrate 30-year anniversary

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JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX - Official Image - 3

The legendary Yamaha VMAX will celebrate its 30-year anniversary in 2015 and to mark the special occasion, the Japanese two-wheeler major has formed a new collaboration in the Yard Built world with cult German builder JvB-moto to create a fitting tribute to the iconic VMAX. JvB-moto’s vision for the VMAX Yard Built special was to transfer the stock VMAX into a radical dragster meets café racer concept, exaggerating the brutal power for all to see. A second key element in the design is a tribute to the 30-year history of the machine, encapsulating elements from the first roll out of the bike in 1985.

JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX - Official Image - 5

Starting at the front end, a custom-made aluminium mudguard sits below a JvB-moto signature style custom carbon fibre headlight unit integrated into the front forks and Motogadget indicators above custom carbon wheel covers. Modified aftermarket clip-on bars add the café racer element and the rider looks down on an authentic American dragster rev counter by Autometer. A custom carbon tank cover sits over a heavily modified airbox and electrics and is complemented by special air intake scoops crafted from stock aluminium units taken from the original 80’s VMAX.

JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX - Official Image - 2

The craftsmanship continues with a handmade aluminium subframe crafted from bits of the stock unit and a custom fuel tank placed under the seat, also made from aluminium and holding the same fuel as the standard tank for an unspoiled riding experience. The rear is finished with another JvB-moto signature piece, a custom carbon tail unit, handmade by Jens. A bike that looks this good needs the right sound and this machine doesn’t disappoint. The exhaust system is modified with a custom 4-1 collector and finished with a growling Termignoni silencer.

JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX - Official Image - 1

The paint job reflects the history of the bike, and of Yamaha. JvB-moto chose a retro colour scheme based on the livery of Yamaha’s 1985 GP team for real authenticity. Every custom aluminium and carbon part on this Yard Built special was handmade by JvB-moto, perfectly blending the VMAX story with the German builder’s signature style.

JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX - Official Image - 6

Speaking about this special edition Yamaha VMAX, Shun Miyazawa, Product Manager, Yamaha Motor Europe said, “The Yamaha VMAX has been an icon without rival since it burst onto the streets in 1985 as the ultimate drag racer inspired street bike. It was immediately a favourite with fans across the world, not only in its standard form, but also as a base for personalization and customization. To respect the culture that has grown around this icon we’ve chosen to celebrate 30 years of the VMAX by working with three highly respected custom builders to create three VMAX specials that will inspire not just Yamaha, but also owners of the VMAX and those who maybe want to own one. We’re starting this exciting anniversary build year with cult German builder JvB-moto.”

Here are more images of this JvB-moto designed Yamaha VMAX so that you can jewel up your desktop/laptop/mobile background with this mean machine.

JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX – Official Image – 6
JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX – Official Image – 5
JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX – Official Image – 4
JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX – Official Image – 3
JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX – Official Image – 2
JvB-Moto Yamaha VMAX – Official Image – 1

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