Jeremy Clarkson teases his new Amazon Prime show with an image on Twitter

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Jezza is back! After bludgeoning the face of a producer in a fracas and being fired from Top Gear and BBC thereafter, the biggest face in the business of auto related entertainment is geared for a big comeback. Jeremy Clarkson has shared an image of filming for his new show with Amazon Prime on Twitter, and shaken up Twiiter and automotive blog space in the process.

Now, you wouldn’t expect Clarkson to do anything that’s not mega in magnitude – and he doesn’t fail you, by standing next to the three hottest supercars on the planet. Posing against the holy trinity of the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder, Clarkson has made it amply clear that his new show wouldn’t play second fiddle to Top Gear in terms of scale.

The location of the image is not clear, though no prizes for guessing that the trio is making it a point to start again from where they left the BBC show – a shootout of the three hypercars in the image. And in what’s likely an attempt to underline the very magnitude of the new production, he has made his 60+ strong crew stand behind, replete with some trucks and rigs, and called it a ‘Skeleton Crew’. Oh and did we mention, Hammond and May, the usual suspects are also seen flanking him like they always have. The other two stars have also shared images from the filming on their respective Twitter accounts – while Hammond has shared the same image as Clarkson, albeit with a different caption, May has shared the image of a red LaFerrar on the track.

The globally popular trio had earlier signed an obscenely expensive deal with Amazon Prime, which is into the business of online streaming.

The details of the place where the image was taken are not clear, though. While some sources are suggesting that the image was taken at the Nürburgring in Germany, others think that it’s the Autódromo Internacional Algarve, in Portugal.

The entire episode of leaving BBC and joining Amazon Prime has worked in Clarkson’s favour, financially at least, if some reports are anything to go by. Clarkson will allegedly earn the equivalent of his annual BBC salary for each episode at his new place of employment. Each episode in the series has an alleged budget of 4.5 million pounds, with 160 million pounds allocated to 36 episodes over three years.

Let’s welcome the legend once again, and hope that the incident at BBC and its aftermath doesn’t affect the personality of this motormouth one bit. Welcome back, Jezza, we’re looking forward to you setting the screen on fire all over again!

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