Jeep Future Vehicles to be Based on Fiat Group Platforms

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The entire country eagerly awaits the arrival of the Jeep brand in India. The jeep aficionados in the country have been thanking Gods ever since Fiat made it clear that it intends to soon launch Jeep vehicles in our rapidly growing car market.

Fiat India’s onslaught of Jeep vehicles might see much more than Wrangler and Cherokee coming our way. Sergio Marchionne, CEO, Fiat Group has said that the Jeep brand has a lot of untapped potential and has thus, hinted at the possibility of many new products.

It has emerged that most of the future Jeep products will share their respective platform with other Fiat Group cars (read: Fiats, Maseratis and Alfa Romeos).

Fiat Group already intends to manufacture a new Jeep alongside the Fiat 500X crossover at Melfi plant and both the vehicles will be based on the Fiat Small Wide modular platform.

Fiat Group also plans to come up with a mid size SUV to replace the Liberty. The new SUV would be based on a Fiat/Alfa Romeo platform and will be launched sometime in late 2013/early 2014.

This is not all as the manufacturer also intends to come up with a new SUV that would replace both the Compass and Patriot models. The new SUV would be out by late-2014.

Also on the cards is a facelift for the Grand Cherokee.

Time for Indian Jeep fans to become even happier? Surely.



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