James Bond shuns suave for cute, will drive a Fiat 500 in upcoming flick

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A character that has defined masculinity for decades is about to retire his impeccable grey and black suits in favour of pink. In the upcoming Bond flick, if reports are to be believed, James Bond will be seen chasing the bad guys through the streets of Rome in a Fiat 500. At the end of the chase scene the car will reportedly end up being crushed near the Vatican. Does this mean that Aston Martins which could turn invisible, fire rockets or skyrocket the lead character’s appeal in the hearts and minds of viewers and fans will no longer be associated with the iconic character? Will James Bond be demoted to being a detective from someone who’s been the most lethal cinematic secret agent the world has ever seen?

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino Royale


Now, people seem to think that the Fiat 500 could be the only car Bond drives in the upcoming flick, however, there is a good chance that it could just be among the many vehicles he drives on screen. There are reports that Bond’s new weapon to impress the prettiest woman he meets at the Casino de Monte-Carlo could be the all-new Aston Martin in the next film, possibly a DB9 successor, which could be in a tunnel somewhere in London right now as you read this, being fitted with gadgets, missiles, and a lot of other unimaginable stuff that can be controlled via an iPhone app.

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