Jaguar XJ Ultimate India Launch Soon. Caught Testing

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Indian luxury car market has been growing at a great pace. Jaguar has been selling the very luxurious XJ luxury sedan in Indian market since some time now. However, it has now emerged that Jaguar is very close to launching the Jaguar XJ Ultimate, the flagship variant of XJ, in Indian market.

The XJ Ultimate was caught testing near Pune and the manufacturer is looking all set to launch the new car in a couple of months. The XJ Ultimate won’t get the tasty 20” alloy wheels for our market as it would have affected the ride quality on our pothole-marked roads.

On the inside, the Jaguar XJ Ultimate comes with electrically reclining rear seats with lumbar support adjustment, massage, dual zone climate control facilities, business tables, champagne chiller and a lot many other features that are absent on the regular car.

The Jaguar XJ Ultimate would be launched for a price of about INR 2 Crores ONLY!




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