Is the Royal Enfield Scrambler 500 Another Surprise Headed Our Way?

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Royal Enfield surprised us with the launch of the twins, bringing us such nice products at an unbelievable price point. Could they give us another surprise before the year ends or maybe even earlier next year with this mysterious scrambler like bike? Let us look at the odds. Courtesy of Facebook, we have come across some images which showcase this bike. The bike shares the platform of the Classic 500 with the same engine. Although the bike has some design cues like the knobby tyres and chopped fenders which give a scrambler styling. Also, the rear seat has been taken off to make space for a neat looking luggage rack. Another feature that will take your attention is the position of the exhaust. Angled upwards, it looks very similar to the one RE provides for off-roading. We came across these pictures earlier this year.

Royal Enfield Classic Scrambler (2)

What else could this mysterious bike be? One possibility is that it could be a one-off custom commisioned by a Royal Enfield enthusiast. That would also explain it being present at a workshop, getting serviced and fluids topped up. That said, it is very rare to see such a modified bike at what appears to be a Royal Enfield authorised workshop as a majority of such bikes are serviced and maintained at unauthorised workshops. Which brings us to another possibility, is it a dealer mod? That too is quite possible and would explain it being seen at that place. Although, had it been a dealer modification, why haven’t we seen more bikes carrying the same modifications? No dealer would not let this opportunity of making more money go.

Royal Enfield Classic Scrambler (3)

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This brings us to the last and most probable possibility, this may be a new scrambler which Royal Enfield might bring to us very soon now. The company may have diverted our attention to the twins and may surprise with this launch very soon. If launched, RE will have to price it much lower than the new Interceptor 650 for it to make sense as a product. Well, for now, it is just a long wait before we have our questions answered so stay tuned for more news on this as it develops.

Royal Enfield Classic Scrambler (3)
Royal Enfield Classic Scrambler (2)
Royal Enfield Classic Scrambler (1)

Image Courtesy: Facebook

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