India’s First Drive-Thru Covid-19 Testing Facility Now Open In Delhi

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Our journey ahead, as human beings, depends on how well we manage to keep ourselves isolated on a physical level from those around us. The Covid-19 virus has the World firmly in its grip and unless we follow what’s been asked of us and do the right thing, as of now, there is no alternative which can save us from becoming a victim of the pandemic. However, those showing symptoms will have to step out and head to the nearest medical facility. The challenge for them will be to ensure that they do not pass the virus to someone else or catch it from another carrier. Keeping this in mind, Dr Dangs Lab, a private facility in Delhi, has opened the first drive-thru covid-19 testing facility in the capital.

In addition to the home collection of samples, the lab’s west Panjabi Bagh branch in New Delhi is collecting samples for testing, while the occupant stays inside the car with the windows rolled up. Testing is offered at a Government-mandated price of INR 4,500. Here’s how it works according to the lab’s website:

  • An appointment is a must, prior bookings to be made on
  • govt ID, doctors prescription and duly filled online form are mandatory for a request to be approved.
  • As a confirmation, our team will call you and share with you a few instructions. Please follow timings as confirmed.
  • People may not simply drive up without first making an appointment. And they must drive up in a private motor vehicle; no cabs, scooters, bicycles or foot traffic. Patients to be seated on the right side of the car (driver seat or right behind). Please follow all signages as instructed
  • Bring your doctors prescription and a valid photo ID. Check online or call us beforehand for any other instructions. You are requested to:
    • Limit the number of people inside the vehicle with you, and only come in vehicle details as submitted in the online form.
    • Please remain in private motor vehicles with the windows up until you are asked to roll down the window when asked for the sample to be collected
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