India May Soon Get Its First ‘Electric Highway’; Claims Nitin Gadkari

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is striving towards an electric future as part of India’s entry towards the electric future. On a similar theme, the MoRTH has been improving highway infrastructure by installing additional electric vehicle charging stations. Similarly, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, has said that India’s first electric highway is likely to come up between Delhi and Jaipur soon. Gadkari said that his ministry is already in talks with a foreign company to construct the highway between these two cities.

Foreign Partnerships

Aside from the Delhi-Jaipur route, talks with a Swedish firm for an electric highway stretch on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway are also underway. Gadkari has pushed for foreign investment in the roads sector and has previously requested the EU to create an electric motorway in India. He said that 22 green expressways were in the works, with seven of them have already begun construction.

Electric Highway 2

“It is my dream to build an electric highway from Delhi to Jaipur. It is still a proposed project. We are in discussion with a foreign company,” Gadkari was quoted by news agency as saying. Gadkari also said he aims to bring an end to use of petrol and diesel and transform public transports like buses and trucks into electric vehicles soon. Nitin Gadkari had already evaluated the development of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, which is anticipated to cut travel time between the two cities by half from almost 24 hours. He further stated that the distance between Jaipur and Delhi will be covered in less than two hours in the near future.

Electric Highway

The travel time between Delhi and Jaipur would be decreased by March next year, according to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). By then, the NHAI believes that the Sohna elevated road, which is presently under construction, and the Sohna-Dausa leg of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, which is currently under construction, will be finished and signal-free for commuters.

With these types of plans, commuting between cities is surely going to be helpful. As there are many routes which take a lot of time of traffic, road conditions and many more.

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