Hyundai Verna Bags 0 Stars at Latin NCAP Crash Test

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Hyundai Verna was first released in 2006. The car has always been popular in the Indian market, and the 2020 facelift of the Verna was no different. It performed exceedingly well in terms of design and performance. But the same cannot be said about the safety rating of the car. Most recently, Latin NCAP assessed this mid-range sporty sedan. Hyundai Verna performed terribly and got a dismal 0-Star rating from the office of Latin NCAP. The car tested was the same 2020 facelift model as sold in Mexico and India. Verna is sold under the ‘Accent’ moniker in some countries.

Hyundai Verna Latin NCAP Frontal Offset

The car was fitted with standard safety equipment which included 1-airbag and ABS. The onboard features proved to be inadequate to protect the passengers or the pedestrians.

How did it perform?

In terms of Adult Safety, the car got a 9 percent score. Upon frontal impact, the protection offered to the driver and passenger’s head and neck was good. The driver’s chest showed adequate protection but the passenger’s chest showed poor protection, leading to zero points in the frontal crash test. In side-impact testing, the head and chest showed marginal protection, while the abdomen showed adequate protection and the pelvis showed good protection.  In rear-impact/whiplash testing, protection to the neck was marginal.

Hyundai Verna Latin NCAP Side Barrier (2)

In terms of Child Occupant safety, the car got a 12.58 percent score. The car offers ISOFIX mounts as standard in the 2nd-row seats. Child seat for a 3-year old child was installed rearward facing. It prevented head exposure and offered good protection. Even upon side impact, the Child Restraint System (CRS) offered full protection.

Pedestrian protection

In terms of Pedestrian Protection (Passive), the car got a 53.11 percent score. The car showed average protection to pedestrians in the head, good protection to the upper leg, and adequate to weak protection to the lower leg.

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Hyundai Verna Review (3)

In the safety assist department, the car got a 6.98 percent score. The car does not offer Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard. Seat belt reminder (SBR) is only offered for the driver. It does not get Speed Assist (SA) or Lane Support System (LSS) or Blind Spot Detection (BSD). And the car does not offer any kind of Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) as standard.

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