Hyundai Launches Direct Attacks on Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

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As we have always been saying, the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is the result of the rapidly declining sales of the previous gen Alto. It may be noted that the Alto has been Maruti’s bread and butter model since almost a decade and the new competition from Hyundai, in the form of the Eon, made it even tougher for the Alto to post a growing trend on the sales charts. Maruti Alto has always been a direct competitor to the Chevrolet Spark and of course, the recently launched Hyundai Eon. The Eon is the smallest car to have ever come from the Korean giant’s stable and has been clocking respectable sales in the A segment of Indian car market.

Speaking of the latest from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, the new Maruti Alto 800 has surely done a world of good to the nation’s largest car maker and has successfully taken up the mantle of the earlier Alto. One can dare say that the new Alto 800 threatens to pose serious problems to the Hyundai Eon.

Now, Hyundai is known for getting a bit too aggressive with the marketing of some of its products. Some of you might be aware that Hyundai India had to face a lawsuit for calling Mitsubishi Lancer Diesel ‘stupid’ in the TVC for its Accent CRDi.

This time around, while Hyundai India hasn’t got down to playing so dirty, it recently launched some direct attacks on the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. Full page ads in popular news dailies show that Hyundai calls the Eon as a ‘trendsetter’ and the Alto 800 as the ‘follower’.

Newspaper commercials of a manufacturer comparing its product with those from others are nothing new. However, we feel that one should always refrain from using terms which might be taken as derogatory by some.



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  • Husain says:

    Samsung, LG, Hyundai… Why are all the Koreans always so keen on such questionable practices… You never saw Fiat making such an ad even when they are struggling…

  • Jaden says:

    Lol.. Maruti doesn't need publicity. And Alto or alto800 are way inferior products when compared to EoN.
    Eon is the best car in segment currently.

  • jatin says:

    Hyundai is always known for running unethical ads!!! Max to max, Suzuki might file a case which takes years to comeout with a judgement and by then enough damage to Suzuki will be done! But as mentioned in the article, Eon is not a hot seller as claimed and Alto's still rules the heart of the entry level car buyers . Hyundais still needs a lot of catchup to do to overtake Alto

  • Akash Sharma says:

    Wow thats called marketing……….direct pointing out in public….. now maruti suzuki must also do something to Regain its position in market….

  • Leo says:

    Free publicity for Maruti. Saw a white 800 today, it looked far better in flesh.