Hyundai Kona Launch Event – Live

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Today, Hyundai is about to launch the first all-electric SUV in our market. Called the Kona, this SUV will be offered to us from today, while Hyundai accelerates its way to the future. The Kona, if it becomes successful, would encourage many more brands to bring their electric vehicles from international markets, kick-starting the electric wave in our country. The Kona is quite comparable to the Creta SUV by Hyundai in terms of size and while it is sold with conventional engines in foreign markets, the Indian market will only get it in the electric avatar. We are here at the launch event of this SUV and will keep bringing you updates from the event, so stay tuned and do refresh the page to stay updated.

Hyundai Kona laucnh live stage

12:00 PM: The Stage is set and the event is about to begin, stay tuned.

12:02 PM: Mr S S Kim takes the stage to address the audience.

Hyundai Kona rolling side

12:04 PM: By 2025, Hyundai will launch a total of 44 eco-friendly cars, of which 23 will be completely electric.

12:06 PM: Kona will be the first EV to offer a range of more than 400 km on a single while delivering an engaging performance.

Hyundai Kona launch Peace of mind

12:07 PM: Kona will be offered with 3 years/unlimited kilometre warranty while the battery comes with a warranty of 8 years and up to 1,60,000 km for complete peace of mind.

12:08 PM: Kona will be offered by 15 dealers across 11 cities in the country.

Hyundai Kona launch dealers

12:09 PM: Mr Y S Kim takes the stage to talk about the green car revolution.

12:14 PM: Kona Electric has been recognised with many awards and titles all over the world for being efficient and providing a long range.

Hyundai Kona launch 44 green cars

12:17 PM: Mr Amit Dhaundiyal takes the stage to talk about what goes into making an all-electric SUV.

12:20 PM: The Kona Electric is a no-compromise car built on a total of six pillars.

12:22 PM: The Kona electric will come with shift by wire and an electronic parking brake.

12:24 PM: The Kona will come with 4 levels of regenerative braking which is controlled by steering mounted pedals. The driver can bring the car to a complete stop by pulling the left pedal.

12:25 PM: The Kona will offer multiple driving modes, like Eco, comfort and sport. The car will also come with a driver only AC to keep electric consumption low.

Hyundai Kona launch eco mode

12:27 PM: The Kona will come with three charging options, the fast charger can charge the batteries from 0 % to 80% in a matter of 57 minutes.

12:28 PM: The Kona will also emit a virtual engine sound generator to alert pedestrians about its presence. Safety is further enhanced with 6 airbags, a strong shell and more.

Hyundai Kona launch safety

12:30 PM: Hyundai will offer a level 2 AC charger free of cost to owners and has tied up with IOCL to provide multiple DC fast chargers.

12:32 PM: The Kona rolls up to the stage, it is quite a looker.

12:35 PM: The men behind this car come to the stage and click a picture with this all-new electric SUV.

Hyundai Kona launch front quarter

12:38 PM: The Hyundai Kona Electric is priced at INR 25.30 Lakh, ex-showroom, Pan-India. Stay tuned for a detailed walkthrough video coming out soon.

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