Hyundai i20 R-Spec rendered: hottest i20 ever

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Hyundai-i20-R-Spec Render

Never thought the Elite i20 could look so positively cocky? Us, neither. What we have here is a Hyundai i20 R-Spec rendering from RM.Design, and boy, it looks quite the part. You see, the R-Spec moniker is reserved with slightly sporting Hyundais, and they’ve already used it on the Brazilian HB20 hatchback (as a design study) and the quirky Veloster. Whether a R-Spec i20 will become reality is anyone’s wild guess, but till then let’s dwell on this rendering.

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Hyundai-HB20-R-Spec-design study

Hyundai i20 R-Spec Design Study displayed at the 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show

The heady, lustrous, red paintwork takes the cake, and the R-Spec front bumper from the HB20 design study with big, gaping intakes along with integrated DRLs turn up the sporting ante. New, graphite finish wheels are stolen from the Veloster, while the car has been digitally lowered by a fair amount. Those cool headlamps are borrowed from the HB20 R-Spec study as well. Mirrors and new side skirts form the silver highlights in the whole package

The European market Hyundai i20 could be next in line to receive the R-Spec treatment, especially since Hyundai is planning to debut its high-performance N badge (the N makes things even hotter than R-Spec) on the hatchback with a WRC replica-style model believed to get a 250 hp 1.6-liter turbo-charged engine! Bring it on Hyundai. Potential competitors of this car will be the Suzuki Swift Sport, Seat Ibiza Cupra, Skoda Fabia RS and Peugeot 208 GTI.

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