Hyundai Enduro SUV Concept is inspired by a rally motorcycle


Hyundai Enduro Concept (5)

Deriving its name from rally motorcycles, a bold new concept made its debut at the 11th Seoul Motor Show. The Hyundai Enduro SUV Concept combines visual traits of an SUV with Endurance motorcycles, which compete in some of the toughest rally events worldwide. Designed to appeal energetic and athletic individuals living in modern cities, the Hyundai Enduro Concept tries to amalgamate robust form with bold styling.

Hyundai Enduro Concept (2)

It features Hyundai’s new interpretation of the hexagonal grille, which has been lowered to create a better sense of stability. Connecting the front fenders to the hexagonal grille is a hook shaped aluminium aero blade, which Hyundai states, gives the Enduro a look of self confidence. Like the fenders, the C-pillar too gets an aerodynamic air blade with sidewinder shaped tail-lights. The black cladding the surrounds the car gets a step bar for easy loading / unloading from the roof rack.

Hyundai Enduro Concept (1) Hyundai Enduro Concept (4)

Inside, the cabin is wrapped around the driver seat, while the steering wheel is designed to look like the spoke and handle molding of a road bike. The boot has versatile drawer-style compartments that can safely accommodate a variety of things. Door mirrors are replaced with side and rear-view cameras, while the center console is a double-decker display that controls air-conditioning and infotainment options. The 3-door four seater is powered by 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, mated to a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox.

Hyundai Enduro Concept (5)
Hyundai Enduro Concept (4)
Hyundai Enduro Concept (2)
Hyundai Enduro Concept (3)
Hyundai Enduro Concept (1)


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