Honda to introduce 2012 CR-V by year end

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Current generation CR-V

Honda top management has confirmed that the company is planning to introduce an entirely new CR-V by late 2011. Honda’s Executive Vice President confirmed the news. Speaking during an official event, he said “Next fall the CR-V is going to get a full model change, so we have high expectations from that.”
Honda has not been doing too well internationally, and the company has its expectations from the US light SUV and small truck market. The CR-V is Honda’s one of the most popular vehicles in the country. Although no details about the new vehicle have been revealed, it’s sufficiently evident that the new vehicle will be complete model change and not just a facelift. The 2012 CR-V in all probability will be bigger and more powerful than the current generation machine.
The current generation machine has remained altered for a long time. It seems Honda didn’t refresh the SUV much as the new generation vehicle was under development. If the 2012 CR-V gets launched in the international market by 2011-end, we can expect it to hit our shores by early 2012. We hope Honda brings a diesel option this time. Fingers crossed!

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