Honda Reveals 2021 Scoopy 110cc Scooter In Indonesia

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Honda Activa is not only the largest selling, but is also one of the most loved scooters in India. The 110cc scooter segment in India is the most practical and affordable segment. Honda’s bread and butter in India is the 110cc scooter called Activa, which has just received the 6G upgrade, before your smartphone. But Honda Activa is not the only fire-cracker in the brand’s fleet of two-wheelers. In global markets, the company is known for various other scooters in the 110cc segment. One such market is the Indonesian market.

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Since 2010, Honda’s Scoopy 110cc scooter is a very popular option in Indonesia with more than 4.5 million happy customers. To cope with the changing trends, the company has just unveiled the new-gen 2021 Honda Scoopy in Indonesia. The new-gen Scoopy will come with a host of features and a design upgrade. It comes with a price tag of IDR 19.95 million, which is approximately INR 1.05 lakh.

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Speaking about the design, the Honda Scoopy 110cc scooter is made with an aim to achieve the love of the young generation. The scooter gets a set of new LED oval-shaped headlamp and tail lamps, along with a refreshed design of the rear indicators. As per the automaker, the new Honda Scoopy will be made available in four different variants, namely- Sporty, Fashion, Stylish, and Prestige. Each model will get a contrasting colour scheme, namely- Prestige white and black, Stylish brown and red, Fashion blue and cream, and Sporty red and black.

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On the feature front, the new 2021 Honda Scoopy will come with a larger 15.4-litre utility storage space underneath the seat. Additionally, the scooter also gets a USB port, which will be helpful to charge your smartphone on the go.  The Scoopy will also come with a multi-function hook at the front, to efficiently carry your luggage without affecting the ride quality, and a side stand indicator for the rider’s safety. Speaking about safety, the new 2021 Honda Scoopy will also get a pair of new smart keys, which come with a new answer back feature and anti-theft alarm.

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On the power and performance front, the new Scoopy comes with useful perks like tubeless tyres and the brake lock lever. Powering the affairs is the latest BS6/Euro-5 compliant 110 cc fuel injection engine that produces 9bhp of maximum power at 7,500 rpm and 9.3Nm of peak torque at 5,500 rpm. Being a Honda scooter, the Scoopy comes with the popular eSP (enhanced Smart Power) technology, improves power delivery and fuel efficiency significantly.

The Scoopy will also come with an ACG starter, which has been borrowed from the new Activa 6G. The ACG starter is used for achieving a smooth engine start without any unusual sound. To enhance fuel efficiency, the Scoopy will also come with the Idling Stop System (ISS) that turns the engine off when the scooter is idle for more than 3 seconds. However, you just need to pump a little throttle, to restart the scooter. Thanks to its larger fuel tank and the new eSAF frame, Honda claims that according to the EURO 3 testing standards, the new Scoopy can travel 59km per litre of fuel, when used with ISS.

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