Honda CBR250R performance exhaust by Two Brothers Racing

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Two Brothers Racing, known for its performance enhancement add-ons for motorcycles has brought some good news for the CBR250R owners. The company has introduced a performance exhaust system for the new bike and claims that it increases peak output by 6% to 24.51bhp.

Officially christened the Honda CBR250R V.A.L.E.™ Slip-On Exhaust System, the system also increases the peak torque by 7% and reduces the weight of the exhaust by 4.5kg. According to the company, the increase in power and torque can be experienced throughout the rev range.

Here’s the detailed description of how much power and torque gain you get over stock on using the TBR exhaust over the stock unit
Stock                 TBR                                           Difference
Peak HP                      23.01 HP         24.51 HP                                  +1.84 HP = +9%
Peak Torque             15.67 ft-lbs     16.69 ft-lbs                              +1.5 ft-lbs
Max HP Gain              –                          +1.84 HP @ 7800 rpm       + 6% hp
Max Torque Gain     –                         +1.5 ft-lbs @ 3500 rpm      +7%
Weight                          15 lbs                  5 lbs                                           -10 lbs
Sound                            –                        87.5 dB @2000 rpm               –
Catalyst                        yes                       no                                                 –
O2 Sensor                    yes                      yes                                                –

The mod doesn’t come cheap though, and is priced from Rs 17k to 20K +. You can get more details on the product here.

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