Hero Motor Launches A New Brand For Its EVs


Noticing the trend of EVs, Hero MotoCorp has decided to launch their EVs under a new brand. Hero has announced that their EV lineup will fall under the name called ‘Vida’. Pawan Munjal, Chairman, and CEO at Hero MotoCorp was seen standing next to the poster of an EV brand named ‘Vida’. Their first EV that is the first Vida 2-wheeler will officially debut on 1st July 2022.

Pawan Munjal, Chairman, and CEO at Hero MotoCorp(Standing next to the brand name ‘Vida’

Official Statement

“Vida means life, and the brand’s sole purpose is to create a positive impact on the world and move us all forward in meaningful ways. We believe the name is perfect for what we are building for our children and the next generation. This is truly the dawn of something special. In only 17 weeks from today, we will unveil our Vida platform, products, and services to make the world a better place,” Hero MotoCorp Chairman and CEO Pawan Munjal said in a statement.“I will lead this initiative from the front,” Munjal added.

Hero MotoCorp E Scooter

Hero Electric and Mahindra’s Collaboration for Electric Two-Wheelers

Right after getting rid of SsangYong, Mahindra is ready to take up some new partners. And the brand was in luck as India’s No. 1 EV company; Hero Electric was willing to shake hands. Just today, the Mahindra Group and Hero Electric have announced their strategic partnership in electric mobility. The companies say that this collaboration will help in Hero’s growth and expansion plans to cater to the ever-growing demand for EVs in the country.

Hero Electric AE 47

The companies seem to be running while keeping in mind three key points; First, helping each other to enhance production to meet growing demand. Second, joint product development and knowledge sharing. Third, enable electrification of Peugeot Motorcycles’ portfolio through platform sharing.

Hero Electric Optima HX

As a first step, Mahindra Group will manufacture Hero Electric’s most popular electric bikes – Optima & NYX at their Pitampur plant to meet demands. This collaboration and the expansion of Hero’s existing Ludhiana facility will together arm the brand to be able to meet its demand of manufacturing over 1 million EVs per year by 2022. The R&D teams of both brands will be in a seamless channel of communication to fast-track new products and technologies. This will not only benefit the companies but will also replenish our market with new arrivals. This platform sharing will also help in developing an approach to help electrification of the Peugeot Motorcycles’ portfolio.


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