Hero Honda increases prices by Rs 500-1500

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If you are an automobile manufacturer ‘rising input costs’ is the mantra that needs to be recited every time you raise prices. That’s exactly what the top bikemaker of the country, hero Honda has done as it announces as increase of Rs 500 to Rs 1500 in the prices of its bikes.

Apparently the company had consciously held back the price increase taking the blows of the ‘rising input costs’. The increase of Rs 500 is for the entry level 100cc vehicle, while the more expensive models like the Karizma ZMR will get dearer by Rs 1500.

We told you about almost all the carmakers raising the sticker price by 2-3% this morning. These guys are generally very noble and are ready to even sacrifice their profits to keep the prices of their products down. However, as the new year approaches, they are somehow ‘forced to’ increase the prices. At Motoroids, we call it the New Year syndrome. Trust us, it won’t be long before we bring you similar stories from the house of TVS, Bajaj and Honda as well

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