Harley owners plan a World Ride on June 22-23

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Harley Davidson has been known for its cult following and the tremendous enthusiasm shown by its owners and fans the world over. Harley Owners Group, also known as HOGs, schedule various rides throughout the year.

An event exhibiting the unmatched camaraderie of Harley owners will take place in the last week of June when millions of V-twins would take over the roads. On the occasion of World Ride scheduled on June 22-23, 2014 Harley-Davidson owners will celebrate the freedom, independence and self-expression that come with riding in unison around the world.

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The Million Mile Monday is a riding event which was launched in 2008 by the Harley Owners Group. This annual riding event was expanded into the two-day Harley-Davidson World Ride in 2012 to give more riders worldwide an opportunity to participate. This event counts every mile travelled by a Harley Davidson owner, whether it’s across city, cross-country, or anything in between, and is recorded by logging into Harley-Davidson’s online mileage accumulator at h-d.com/worldride, where a rolling odometer will record the collective distance traveled by all participants in the World Ride.

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In 2013, riders from 65 countries participated in the World Ride and collectively tallied an official total of more than 10 million miles. India was amongst the top 5 countries contributing 611,076 miles to the global tally. Riders will log their miles solo, in groups large and small, and through a variety of dealer-led events across the 13 chapters in India. As part of the World Ride, over a 100 Harley-Davidson owners across India will ride to the heart of India –Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.

Ride participants can also log their post-ride mileage directly onto the World Ride website from mobile devices and share their riding stories and photographs on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #HDworldride. Participants can also download a certificate of participation after logging their mileage on the World Ride website.

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Harley-Davidson India riders image 5
Harley-Davidson India riders image 4
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