Harley-Davidson V-Rod Reverse Trike

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Harley Davidson based trikes are not hard to come by. But when the donor bike in question happens to be the flagship V Rod, things can get borderline sacrilegious for H-D purists. Wisconsin-based Scorpion Trikes have mutilated a V-Rod and transformed it into a reverse trike- with two wheels up front. Apparently, it requires no frame modifications whatsoever and very few extra parts other than those in the kit, which means the conversion gets you two wheel independent suspension and an integrated look- if you’re into this sort of stuff.

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Scorpion Trikes say that each kit is built for a specific model, with this first one custom-tailored for the V-Rod. Future versions are planned for Harley-Davidson touring bikes with an FL frame. The manufacturer expects that their kits will hit the market somewhere in the $ 5,000 range (not including shipping and installation), with the added provision that a few parts not supplied with the kit will need to be purchased separately from a local Harley-Davidson dealership to complete the installation.

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