Harley Davidson to set up assembly plant in Haryana, India

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A few months ago we had told you, that Harley-Davidson is planning an assembly unit in India. Now the news has been confirmed. Harley-Davidson has said that it plans to set up an assembly unit in Haryana, India in a bid to bring down the cost of its motorcycles in India. The assembly plant will put together component kits made in the US of A. In a statement, the American, Milwaukee based company said that it expects it assembly unit to be ready in India by the first half of 2011.

Components for select Harley models will be sourced from the company’s plants in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Missouri and by the company’s suppliers. Some other models models will continue to be imported as completely built motorcycles, at least for a little more time to come.

When this new plant gets operational, India will only be the second country to have such an assembly unit of the iconic Harley-Davidson Motorcycles outside of the US. Brazil is the other country to have an assembly plant for H-D motorcycles where such operations started in the year 1999.

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